The Mystery of Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom (aka ketum or mitragyna Speciosa) is grown naturally in abundance in South East Asia; this is a huge reason for why this vein is particular one of the most sought out forms of the herb in the market. It’s also known that the cuttings and seeds from red veins are much more practical than other veins.
Depending on its dosage, red vein kratom can have a stimulating or sedating effect. When you consume the herb at higher doses, their alkaloids start to connect with the mu opioid receptor which deliver a sedative effect. On the other hand, a low dose of the herb makes the natural alkaloids connect to the delta opioid receptor which produces stimulating effects.

To give you a better estimate on how much you should consider consuming, think about the average body weight for someone – about 140 pounds. For this average weight, 2 grams or less of the herb should give that individual a stimulating effect that increases their focus and motivation. Above 2 grams should produce opposite effects that encourages rest and relaxation. Regardless, it’s important that if you decide to consume this herb, you should experiment with what size dosage is right for you; everybody is different. Don’t overdo it! The great aspect of kratom is your tolerance will remain relative unaffected. Find your “sweet spot” and stay there.

Your experience with this herb is also going to be predicated on exactly what you’re wanting out of it. I’m sure you fell on this article because you are looking for a solution to an existing condition. Do you suffer from depression, low focus, or low energy? Then you’re going to want to try out a low dose of the herb to get that stimulating effect. Are you suffering from anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, drug addiction, or stress? Then you’re probably going to want to experiment with a higher dose to receive that sedating experience.
But one thing to keep in mind with red vein kratom is how strong its pain killing properties are, relative to other veins, even at low doses. If you suffer from chronic pain, red veins are the strongest option because of its higher pain killing effects when compared to white and green veins.

If you are looking to rid yourself of an opiate addiction, red vein is most likely the best option for you. The alkaloids packed inside are great for helping you battle through those painful withdrawal symptoms and will help you wean off opiates altogether.
Another benefactor of red vein kratom are individuals suffering from insomnia. A strong dose of this powerful herb will make you feel relaxed and allow you to have a comfortable night’s rest.

Overall, just remember that red veins are going to be the most powerful and put you in a relaxed state. If this doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for you, we recommend you take a look at white and green veins, which deliver different, beneficial results.